Ill Met in Nara'Tel

Chapter Five

Warm Homecoming

Every action we take, everything we do, is either a victory or defeat in the struggle to become what we want to be.

The party returned from their expedition to find that the cultists had begun a full scale uprising, with a monstrous limb extending upwards from the massive blue hole in the Sunken Quarter. The Nara’Tel Guard had their hands full, but were assisted by the Imperial Army remnants from South Watch. Many of the populace of the Fine Quarter accepted the offer to be taken to safety in South Watch.

The party was successful in eliminating the cultist presence and disrupting their ritual. They assisted both the Nara’Tel Guard and the Imperial Army.

They have been hailed as heroes.

Six months have passed since the incident, and Nara’Tel has seen some changes.

The residents of Fine Quarter have not left South Watch, preferring to remain under the protection of the Imperial Army. The Nara’Tel Guard have been working with the Army albeit reluctantly, though the Army does little to interfere with the day to day running of the city. The Army has started recruitment and training.

The ruins of one of the inner city warehouses has been changed by some enterprising individuals into a combat arena, and many people have been trying their luck. Several champions have already been titled. Usually the combat is humanoids against each other, but occasionally a creature is captured.

The situation in the mines has not improved. The northern area has been completely taken over by the Gorbold Key, and while the boundaries have been established there are still brutal border skirmishes. A coastal trading post has been established on the northwest of the region, run by the Key. Meanwhile, the Trade Guild, having given much monetary assistance in making sure the Key has not taken over the south, is taking in a lot of profits from the mines, and there is discontent brewing.

The cult activity has seemed to all but halt. However, the marked ones are plagued with terrible nightmares of drowning and sinking in black waters, and a region of icy sea where no winds blow, and the wrecks of ships are clustered together.

Recently, three battered warships flying the colours of the Imperial Army has arrived at South Watch.

Aall characters select a Passage of Time bonus trait.


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