Ill Met in Nara'Tel

Chapter Four

A Harrowing Expedition

At some point, the Armsmaster says this on the way back to Nara’Tel
“I’ve seen a lot of cultists in the ten years I’ve been on Nara’Tel, but never so well trained. The fellow we encountered on the way here, the one that used to be Imperial Army – if they’re starting to get more of them, then we can expect them to only get more dangerous. Cultists are one thing, but cultists with Imperial training?”

“I don’t like this one bit.”

He fell silent for the remainder of the day, brow furrowed in thought.

The party did some business in Nara’Tel as they prepared for their journey to the north-east. There was much cloak and dagger business, with private business going well for some and for others, not so well.

Ephraim’s contacts at the Chapterhouse gave the party a great advantage. The Grand Paladin divulged that they were starting to actively hunt down and eliminate nests of cultists. Being convinced that Ephraim’s party was doing the same, he gifted them with some blessed weapons from their armory that would come to aid them on their journey.

On the way to the area that the Armsmaster had marked upon the map, the party was attacked by a group of cultists. Attempts to question the survivor was fruitless, though they took note that he used to be one of the Imperial Army. They then arrived at a supposedly long abandoned logging outpost that one of the Chapterhouse’s kill teams had been sent to.

Inside they discovered the remains of the paladins, though Jivana’s was not present. They found a trapdoor to an underground temple of sorts where Jivana was about to be sacrificed. Though they fought valiantly and stopped the ritual from being completely effective, Jivana could not be saved and was slain upon the damnable altar.

In grim spirits, the party moved on and eventually arrived at an ancient ruined village around a temple cut into the cliffs that stood above it. The Armsmaster set up a perimeter outside and the party went inside.

They found evidence of the cult of Nothoa and Fulgurn as they fought their way through the dark temple. Worst of all, there was an emissary of Malroth’s cult present. This showed that the recent activity was not just a brief phase. This was something that had far reaching repercussions, something that might not even be centered at Nara’Tel – though it appears to be an important location for the cults.

With this grim realization, they began the journey back to Nara’Tel.


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