Ill Met in Nara'Tel

Chapter Three

Tensions Ignite

Prejudice is the child of ignorance.

A missive to the Trade Guild
Dear sirs,

The holdings of the Brattleboro Mining Cartel have been subject to a hostile takeover. As I write, they work our mine, using some of our own people as slaves. The perpetrators are, according to one of the escapees, are none other than the Gorbold Key!

I know that the Guild does not intervene in racial matters, but this is hardly racial – even some of our half-dwarves are held prisoner! We hold the deeds still, so I beg of you to intervene in this matter.

I await your response at Far Hill.


Albus Renford, Brattleboro Mining Cartel

A terse response from the Trade Guild
Dear sir,

Yours is not the only mine that has been assaulted. At this time we are unable to give any specific aid as the situation on the mining fields has deteriorated. Yours is but one of many human-owned holdings that has been attacked.

We are going to use mercenary groups to get the situation under control. However, this will require all mines to revert half-ownership to the Trade Guild to continue legally operating once they have been liberated.


Ewen Tyst

Upon arriving back at the Brattleboro mine, the party found it under attack by forces of the Gorbold Key who had also convinced some of the Brattleboro miners to join their cause. They went to rescue Foreman Renford and there met Tristram who aided them in the battle. Barim made an appearance, and fled rather than fight Geofrey. In the end they managed to escape with Renford, and met up with a group of Brattleboro loyalists who had escaped the fighting.

Geofrey was determined to rescue his mother and so the party – along with Tristram – went back. Some of them managed to sneak into the camp, and after creating some mass confusion Geofrey and Gin sneaked inside the mine. They evaded(and murdered) some guards and then came back out. By this time the others had been caught, and Geofrey parlayed with Barim.

It turned out that Barim was not Geofrey’s father, and wanted Geofrey to sign over the mine his true father owned so that he could be legitimate with it. Geofrey agreed, fully intending to freeze his assets so that they could not be seized.

Barim gave them some insight on the cult activity, revealing that he is having problems with cultists in the ranks.

With Geofrey’s mother in tow, they returned to Far Hill and she stayed with the Cartel. The party chose to travel back to Nara’Tel with the Armsmaster in order to take care of some business and continue investigations into the cult activity. Reports of green lights in the northeast were getting quite prolific.

On the way back, a tentacled monster attacked Jade and Gin’s ship, but the party managed to beat it off. The ship was badly damaged by being squeezed and also some alchemist’s fire that Tristram threw. Theobald discovered an interesting property of the ghost-like being that haunted the ship still – firing an arrow through where it stood empowered it with green flames.

Upon arriving back in Nara’Tel, the party went their separate ways, looking for any information. Tristram dealed with Delray, Ephraim showed Gin his fine house, Jade found a strange person who seemed to know something – and was also keen to know what she knew, Geofrey froze his assets and was friendly with the ghost and Theobald found a cult artefact that had a strange affect on the branded party members.

They met with the Armsmaster at the Massive Polyp to discuss matters, coming to the decision of going on a trip to investigate the northeastern lights.


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