Ill Met in Nara'Tel

Chapter Two

The Avatar Rises

The following is knowledge that can be related to the rest of the party by Jade during their return south

From the text ‘The Dark Axis: A Treatise’ by the author Holthar Durn, a scholar that disappeared under mysterious circumstances 200 years ago:

Fulgurn, or the so-called ‘dripping dragon’ is a being of pure corruption. It was his influence that created some of the worst monsters that walk Lyden today. It is said that the first overtures the Dark Axis made were with the results of Fulgurn’s corruption. The fearful trolls first came boiling from the depths of dwarven mines, and as they spread so to did the orcs appear.

The most feared of ‘The Corrupted’ as they were known as, however, were the demons. To the great shame of many elves today, several of their most powerful leaders willingly accepted the corruption of Fulgurn and in doing so doomed their race. More than half of the elves on Lyden were turned into slavering, crafty demons. Ever since then, they have receded. Elves today have a great hatred towards the Corrupted, especially demons.

Since the Dark Axis were first defeated, elves became more and more reclusive. Some say it is out of shame. To talk to them, that is only part of it. Though their people are slowing dying out, they have committed themselves to watching and waiting, to be ready to combat the Dark Axis – especially Fulgurn – should they rear their foul heads again.


The party traveled north and were stalked and subsequently attacked by strange, spindly creatures. Eventually they came across a small warband of the Rotpike Guard who had fought the same creatures and had lost one of their number, who had been then afflicted with some kind of growth.

That same growth was infecting the foot of Gin. They ended up working with the Rotpike Guard to cure the infection by finding the correct herbs inside a dwarven mine, but the owners of the mine, a pack of dwarves, then decided they would kill the Rotpike Guard.

As it turned out, the dwarves were under the unfluence of Omogg, a servant of Fulgurn. The dwarves ended up attacking the Guard and the party, but were overpowered and both the Guard and the party escaped to the south.


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