Ephraim Obanji Wintenbail

5'6 with white hair, pointed ears, and brown eyes. He has a small, curving scar behind his left jaw and his pupils gain an intense, violet tint in moments of extreme emotion or in the direct light of the moon.


Half-Elf Healer 4


Str: 16
Dex: 10
Con: 10
Int: 13 (+1 from Level 4 point)
Wis: 16
Cha: 10

Hp: 20
AC: 18 (4 Chain shirt, +4 Tower Shield)
BAB: +3
Attack: +7 (
5 with Tower Shield), MW Elven Thinblade – 1d8+3, Crit 18-20/x2 (15-20/x2 Vs regular humanoid races)

Fort: +7
Reflex: +1
Will: +7

(L1) Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Thinblade
(L3) Tower Shield Proficiency

- Well-off (starting trait)
- Business Acumen (Passage of Time trait)


Born and bred in Nara’Tel, Ephraim was raised in a reasonably stable family in Derik’s, his human father, ancestral city-estate on the edge of the Fine Quarter.
His elven mother’s name is Silvana Oban, an elf placed somewhere decidedly vague within the upper ranks of leadership in the Syndicate, although, outside of family, she has chosen to hide her last name (reasons unknown) and is known by all simply by her first, although family know of her last. Ephraim maintains a reasonable relationship with his mother, despite, at times, avoiding her because of his distaste towards many Syndicate dealings. He aids her from time to time when there is a need for quick or anonymous medical help. It is from his mother that he learnt to use his Elven Thinblade, an antique that she gave him two years before the present time. She is past two hundred years of age, a middle-aged elf.
His father is Derik Wintenbail, 52 years old, once a devotee of Corea and avid Healer in training at the Church of Corea, now a learned scholar and researcher of the Healing arts and father of three. The details and circumstances of his and Silvana’s first meeting, courtship, and earlier years together has always been largely undiscussed with anyone bar the two of them (this is likely to do with the anonymity required of Silvana needed to safely run Syndicate business without negative repercussions from the Church and from her race) but Derik did once mention to Ephraim that it was with the Church’s blessing that he left the order and married Silvana.

Over the last ten years, Ephraim trained in the ways of the Healers. This was largely from his Father and his associates, although a part of his tutelage took place within the Church of Corea and the Chapterhouse, going with them to the streets to help who they could, and learning to defend himself, as often was needed. In the younger ranks of the paladins are two of Ephraim’s better friends: a half elf named Nathayan – an orphan, also 26, and an accomplished archer; he often sparred with Ephraim in their training – and Jivana, a mute, female elf (also left as a child with the church – while somewhat of a recluse, she and Ephraim got along fairly well from first meeting, due to his willingness to try and communicate with her and his understanding of the difficulties of being of the Elven race. That, and she cuts quite a dashing figure – agile and graceful, and talented with the Elven quickblade – a similar, lighter weapon than the Thinblade, left with her as a baby. She is sent out as a chapter house representative more often than not, and also does small amounts of naval guard work on trading ships as well. Ephraim also has two younger sisters: Elizabeth, aged 16 – seemingly an air-headed young half-elf, she spends long hours with Silvana, learning an assortment of skills and bits of knowledge; and Maria, aged 3, playful infant.

Ephraim lives in a medium sized house at the back of his parents’ estate. He has two servants – The maid, Jarama, who was hired some month or two ago, and Jefferson, the Butler – an old, esteemed man, 67 years of age, whose family have served the Wintenbail family for some generations. His children and grandchildren largely service the grounds and the manor, although some comprise part of the racially diverse group that are the Estate Guards.

Passage of Time

Following the climactic events that occurred before the six-month passage of time, Ephraim, while attempting to help in stopping the looting and general chaos that had gripped the city, took up the organisation of his father’s medical clinic (which he could not run, being mostly situated on South Watch), lowering prices and opening it more up to the general public. In addition to that, following his discovery of the mixture of alchemical herbs that could be combined into a healing draught, he established a subsidiary alchemical business. This latter company, although it also produced regular alchemical goods, gathered a small amount of interested and learned alchemists, so as to be prepared to make sense of, for instance, the fungus that had previously cured Gin of her affliction, and any similar items in the future. After the initial time of setting the formal proceedings up and gathering appropriate employees, Ephraim came to spend much time, during the day, wandering through the streets, patching people up after fights (and often stopping many himself), and bringing the worst cases back to the clinic, often with no charge, should they be at all too poor to afford it. Inevitably, these wanderings would wind up, in the evening, at the Arena, helping in the post-fight recovery of the combatants, and keeping contact with Geoffrey. Occasionally, he would enter the Wintenbail estate and seemingly disappear for a day or three. Some of this time was spent in unknown activity, but much of it had to do with directing the reconstruction of the family manor or the addition of a small plantation of alchemical herbs. He was also sometime spotted, from time to time, sparring with Silvana, his mother; the only other member of his family to permanently stay in Nara’Tel (although his older sister, Elizabeth, would often come to follow Silvana around in many of her dealings, sometimes for days at a time). He ensured that a regular amount of contact was kept between members of the group, although both Tristram and Theobald were all but impossible to find.

Ephraim Obanji Wintenbail

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