Ginnette (Gin) Anna Scarlet

A young, female half-dwarf. Short, scruffy, reddy-brown hair, dark green coat.


A half-dwarf Barbarian, level 2. Gin has short, scruffy mid-brown hair with a slight red tinge around the edges (courtesy of her mother). She is currently 20 years of age, and likes big weapons of elegance, such as her falchion. She is also currently wearing an old, yet well made dark green coat (which she is very fond of) that she acquired in Nara’tel recently. Her eyes are a brown-y green, like the colour of fresh seaweed monsters strewn across the deck after a battle. They match her coat, which may be why she likes it so much.


A half dwarf, Gin was raised on a ship. Her mother, the dwarf, left when she was three years of age, leaving her father to raise her himself amidst the rough environment of the shipping industry. From what her father told her, their union was a shame to her family and she had been forced to return to her dwarven tribe. Her father, a human named Ruphus, disappeared from her life when Gin was 14. As far as Gin knows, he had been on shaky terms with a few members of the trade guild ever since the second time their ship was hijacked and robbed of its cargo by a group that strangely preferred to leave all crew members alive and mostly unharmed. He disappeared shortly after the third such robbery and the trade guild took possession of his ship as reimbursement for the lost cargo, disbanding the crew. The first mate and most of her father’s closet friends in the crew also soon disappeared, with the exception of Olaf who took her under his wing. Olaf, an old dwarf with unusual seafaring capabilities also had a half-breed child, his son, Thrace, with whom Gin had developed a firm friendship. It was perhaps this friendship that saved Gin from undergoing far worse experiences than she did, and the two were inseparable – at least until they were, eventually, torn apart, four years after the disbanding of her fathers crew. And quite literally at that. Gin had never seen a Craken quite as large as the one she saw that night, nor one so angry when Thrace plunged his home-made trident into its eye. Neither was she sure that she had witnessed his death when the thin black tentacle dragged him, thrashing wildly, into the depths. They were hard to kill, those ones, but so was Thrace. She never learnt to read, but Gin had sworn that night as she floated on the drifting remains of the trader ship that she would never let another close friend be plucked from her life – at least not by the tentacles of a Craken. Olaf and Thrace had taught her much – how to transform the pain and loss of her father into strength, through a cold, calculating rage. She had been loth to use it before that night as with the rage came bewilderment and a reminder of her own powerlessness to save her father from his plight. But now that Thrace was gone the bewilderment was overcome by purpose. There were powers much larger than herself at bay but she would wait and watch, protecting those she loved and honing her hidden strength until those powers who deemed it fit to ruin her life should be revealed.

Ginnette (Gin) Anna Scarlet

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