Corea's Point

weapon (melee)

Corea’s Point
+1 Guisarme

2d4+1 damage
Critical: ×3
Type: Piercing

A guisarme has reach. You can strike opponents 10 feet away with it, but you can’t use it against an adjacent foe.
You can also use it to make trip attacks. If you are tripped during your own trip attempt, you can drop the guisarme to avoid being tripped.


A relic of the Church of Corea.

Three hundred years ago, the Chapterhouse in Nara’Tel was infiltrated by several Nothoan cultists. They gave terrible dreams to the paladins that worked there and one of them went insane and murdered several of his colleagues with his bare hands.

One of the cultists escaped. The young healer Jessine and her betrothed, Han were in pursuit. During the chase, the cultist killed one of the Nara’Tel guard and Han took up the man’s fallen guisarme. They cornered the cultist in an alleyway, and he threw a knife that gravely wounded Jessine before attempting to climb a wall to escape. Han was able to slay him however, the guisarme’s reach enabling him to strike a killing blow.

Since then, the Chapterhouse has kept an armory of weapons. The guisarme wielded by Han was one of the first in it, and has been used by many paladins over the years in defense of the Chapterhouse and Corea’s own.

Corea's Point

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