Rofaldo's Daggers

weapon (melee)

Rofaldo’s Daggers
+1 Punching Dagger (x2)

1d4+1 damage
Critical: ×3
Type: Piercing


Rofaldo was one of the less upstanding of the Chapterhouse paladins. He much preferred a night of wenching than the contemplation of Corea’s mercies, and he tended to be quite underhanded in some of his dealings. His loyalty to the Church of Corea was proven a hundred years ago when he rescued two priestesses who a group of people in the Syndicate intended to sell as ‘harem slaves’.

He braved the treacherous waters of Nara’Tel’s harbor, nearly being pulled down by the hungry creatures that lurk below the surface. He climbed aboard the boat that was taking them down the coast and then slaughtered every Syndicate member on board, most of them dead before they realized what was going on. He sustained a terrible wound from the captain, but won through.

He was just able to loose the bonds of the priestesses before collapsing, dying from the massive greatsword wound in his side. They took his body back to the Chapterhouse where he was acknowledged as one of Corea’s greatest protectors. His weapons and equipment became relics and he was buried in a place of honor.

Rofaldo's Daggers

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