Ancient History


The three gods, or ‘Prime Deities’ as they are known as today worked together to create a world that they could call theirs – Lyden.

It was a fine land indeed, but the creation of it cracked open the vast ocean floors. Lurking below were terrible beings of immeasurable power. The Prime Deities had a marked advantage – they were not chained to physical forms as these horrible beings were. However the horrible creatures that had lurked for eons deep below were so mighty that they could not be killed and had to be merely imprisoned.

They are known as the Dark Axis.

The Prime Deities

The benevolent goddess of life and peace. She was the one who created the living races of Lyden.

Favored Weapon: None

The sullen god of the land. He crafted the mountains and forests of Lyden, coaxing them up out of the deeps. He is the martial champion of the Prime Deities.

Favored Weapon: Warhammer

The god of the seas. He dwelt alone in in the vast, trackless depths of Lyden until Corea and Thardak come from the Great Dark Beyond and befriended him. He had input in both aspects of Corea and Thardak’s works.

Favored Weapon: Trident

The Dark Axis

Although they are imprisoned, both Fulgurn and Nothoa are able to send visions to plague the dreams of certain people who they believe to be malleable enough to control. Through them, they have perpetrated the many dark cults that cause pain and misery, trying to find a way to free their grim masters.

The Dripping Dragon
It was the only one that the Prime Deities could imprison back below the crust of Lyden. It is said there is a way to reach it, a nightmarish journey through a vast subterranean world. It is a being of corruption and decay, responsible for twisting many humans into orcs, elves into demons and dwarves into trolls. To this day these diabolical races cause many problems for the people of Lyden. The humans, elves and dwarves were in no way the extent of his corruption however.

Favored Weapon: Greatclub

The Horror in the Depths
A tentacled monstrosity, Nothoa’s grand temple was sunk by Thardak and Silris, and Corea encased it in a mass of seaweed that it’s tentacles could not penetrate. Still, many other horrid things are able to come and go and serve as it’s messengers.

Favored Weapon: Spiked Chain

The Dark Whisperer
Thardak tore him apart in a mighty battle yet was nearly overcome by the being’s dark soul. Corea intervened, trapping Malroth’s soul in the body of Yonla Thorban, the bravest woman on Lyden at the time. Malroth’s powers were neutered and remain so. The will of Malroth and Yonla Thorban struggle against each other to this day and her body is kept in a place of honor on the highest mountain of Lydan.

Malroth was quite possibly the most dangerous of the Dark Axis – and perhaps still is. He can no longer whisper terrible secrets into the ears of sleeping innocents, but Fulgurn and Nothoa know that if he is freed then so are they.

Favored Weapon: Scythe

The Others
There are hundreds of other minor beings that were created by the Dark Axis that are not as powerful but still terrible foes.

Ancient History

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