Ranger – as per the nonmagical variant in Complete Champion



‘Cultists’ in this context are not actual cultists. Many cults engage in fertility rites and often children will be born from them. Sometimes these wretches are particularly strong of spirit and despite everything are able to see the cult for what it is. Sometimes it is a certain event that makes them stop and decide to run from their dark heritage.

Whatever the reason, they work in the underbellies of society, only able to trust a few people with the truth of who they are. Often filled with vengeful hatred for the cults that made them what they are, they can be both ferocious and cunning foes, and a thorn in the sides of the Dark Axis’ cults.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies
A Cultist is proficient with Light armor, all simple weapons, bucklers and the favored weapon of their cult’s deity.

HD: d10
BaB: As Ranger
Saving Throws: As Ranger

Class Skills: Bluff, Climb, Decipher Script, Disguise, Intimidate, Knowledge(Dark Axis), Move Silently, Sense Motive, Swim, Use Rope

Level 1: Forbidden Knowledge, Dark Consecration
Level 2: Sacrifice
Level 3: Profane Health, Endurance[feat]
Level 4: Zealous Frenzy 1/day, Weapon Specialization[feat]
Level 5: Harvest Soul +1
Level 6: Outbreak, Might of the Axis
Level 7: Diehard[feat]
Level 8: Corruption Inherent
Level 9:
Level 10: Corruption Inherent, Zealous Frenzy 2/day
Level 11: Harvest Soul +2
Level 12: Corruption Inherent
Level 13:
Level 14: Corruption Inherent
Level 15:
Level 16: Corruption Inherent, Zealous Frenzy 3/day
Level 17: Harvest Soul +3
Level 18: Corruption Inherent
Level 19:
Level 20: Corruption Inherent, Zealous Frenzy 5/day


Forbidden Knowledge
The Cultist adds their Cultist class level to any Knowledge checks relating to cults, their rituals and the beings they worship.

Dark Consecration
A Cultist is able to coat their weapon with some of their own blood to improve the next strike. As a move action they coat the weapon, losing at least two hit points. They then gain a bonus equal to the hit points lost to attack or hit. For example, if you lose two hit points you can have a +2 to either your attack or damage roll, or split it to a +1 for each roll. You can use up to level(divided by 2, rounded up) + CON modifier hit points.

Duration is dependant on your level. At level 1, it lasts for CON modifier + 1 rounds. This is increased by 1 at level 5, 10, 15 and 20.

At level 10, the target who is hit by the first attack after it has been coated must make a Will save (DC 10 + Cultist level divided by 2 + CHA modifier) or be Shaken until the beginning of their next turn. If the first attack misses, this effect does not take place.

The Cultist is able to perform a coup de grace as a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Profane Health
The Cultist no longer suffers from the effects of any normal or magical disease, but if they do contract it, they still act as carriers. Saving throws are made as normal to determine if they become a carrier and the length of infection. A Cultist cannot voluntarily fail a saving throw.

The Cultist gains the Endurance feat regardless of meeting the prerequisites or not.

Zealous Frenzy
A Cultist can work themselves up into a zealous frenzy as a move action. They gain a +4 profane bonus to all attack, damage, skill checks and Fortitude saves. They gain a +4 bonus to Will saves vs fear effects. They can also move an additional 10’. While under the effects of Zealous Frenzy the cultist will automatically fail any Will save vs mind control or enchantment effects and the frenzy will end, however on their next turn they will be able to attempt a Will save at a -4 penalty to shake off the effect. The frenzy lasts for the Cultist’s CON modifier +1 rounds. After a frenzy ends, the Cultist is fatigued for a number of rounds equal to those spent in frenzy. A Cultist also adds his CON modifier to the amount of times he can frenzy in a day.

Weapon Specialization
The Cultist gains the Weapon Specialization feat for their deity’s favored weapon.

Harvest Soul
After dropping a foe in combat, the Cultist gains a profane bonus to their next attack roll.

If the Cultist is infected with any disease, successful melee attacks may infect their foes. If a Cultist deals at least 10 points of damage on a single attack, the target must make a save vs whatever disease the Cultist is infected with, or they will be infected. If the Cultist has multiple diseases, only the disease with the lowest DC can attempt to be transmitted.

Might of the Axis
The Cultist is adept at using the weapon of their deity. Cultists of Malroth and Nothoa gain the Flay Foe feat whenever they use their deity’s favored weapon. Cultists of Fulgurn gain the Pulverise Foe feat whenever they use their deity’s favored weapon. These feats only apply with using the favored weapon and take effect regardless of meeting the other requirements.

The Cultist gains the Diehard feat regardless of meeting the prerequisites.

Corruption Inherent
The Cultist has come to a point where they must make the most important decision of their life. Do they embrace their heritage and use the powers of the Dark Axis against them and their foes? Or do they reject it and use their own ability and willpower? Or perhaps there is a way they can do a bit of both…

On 8th level and every second level after, the Cultist can choose a bonus feat. It must be either an abberant feat or a fighter feat.


Healers are often devotees of Corea, but this is not always the case. Some people simply have the talent and the desire to heal. It is said that Corea will bless the greatest of these, making them capable of nearly divine feats.

The truth of the matter is that healers wish to preserve life. Healers come from all walks of life and can be found everywhere, even on the front lines of battle though as a rule they do not focus on doing as much fighting. Healers do not have a specific faction or group they belong to as a whole, but will often recognize others who share their talents, and thus there is a mutual respect.

In warfare, most healers are not killed, only disabled, nursed back to health and released. The more savage races care not, that being said anyone is capable of being a healer, have they the talent.

HD: d6
BaB: As Cleric
Saving Throws: As Cleric
Class Skills: Craft(healing kit), Diplomacy, Heal, Knowledge(anatomy), Knowledge(herbs), Profession(healer), Sleight of Hand, Survival

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies
A Healer is proficient with all simple weapons, Light armor and bucklers.

Level 1: Healing Kit, Battlefield Aid, Diagnosis, Better Than New +1
Level 2: Anatomical Knowledge
Level 3: Bind Wounds, Body as a Temple
Level 4: Healing Draught 2d6
Level 5: Treat Infection, Anti-poison
Level 6: Shield of Wisdom
Level 7: Nurturing
Level 8: Not Dead Yet, Healing Draught 3d6
Level 9:
Level 10: Better Than New +2
Level 11: Efficiency
Level 12: Healing Draught 4d6
Level 13: Improved Battlefield Aid
Level 14: Improved Anatomical Knowledge
Level 15:
Level 16: Healing Draught 5d6
Level 17: Love of Life
Level 18:
Level 19: Lifegiver
Level 20: Touch of Corea, Healing Draught 6d6, Better Than New +3


Healing Kit
A Healer uses a specialized healing kit to use their abilities. It is very much like a belt and harness with places to keep a Healer’s instruments and reagents. To put a healing kit together takes 1 full day of gathering herbs, etc. The Healer must make a DC 15 Knowledge(herbs) check. If able to go to a apothacary, the Healer can spend 50 gold to reduce the DC by 10. If they do this, even if they fail they will gain a healing kit with half of the ‘supplies’ as a full one. A healing kit contains 10 ‘supplies’ that are consumed when the Healer uses certain abilities. Supplies can be transferred from one kit to another to replenish it.

Supplies can only be gathered once a day.

A Healing Kit must be readied to use. It takes 1 minute to ready the Healing Kit and can be interrupted with an attack of opportunity. An unreadied healing kit cannot be used in combat. A Healing Kit that has run out of supplies must have the instruments taken from it and put ready to use in the new Healing Kit. This process takes 2 minutes.

A Healing Kit also contains certain tools which can be hard to get. A Healer starts with a set of these tool but it costs 500g to replace them if they are lost.

Battlefield Aid
A Healer can provide aid during combat to a character that is not engaged in melee with any foes. As a move action(1 supply) they heal for their WIS modifier, a standard action(2 supplies) will heal 1d6 + WIS modifier and a full round action(3 supplies) will heal 1d10 + WIS modifier. The Healer’s level is also added to the healing done. When taking a full round action, the Healer will lose their shield AC bonus and both the Healer and the character being healed will be flat-footed until their next turn. The full round action also provokes an attack of opportunity from characters in melee range. The healed character will also have a -2 penalty to all attacks made on their next turn.

After being healed in this fashion, the character cannot be healed in this way again until they take additional physical damage.

At level 13, the Healer no longer provokes attacks of opportunity with the full round healing action, and when they do any healing with Battlefield Aid they roll twice and add the result together.

A Healer gains a bonus equal to half their level rounded up when making Heal checks to diagnose themselves or another character and Knowledge(anatomy) skill checks.

Better than New
After the Healer has healed any amount of hit points, the recipient of the healing receives a bonus to attack rolls, skill checks and Fortitude saves until the end of the recipient’s next turn.

Anatomical Knowledge
A Healer is able to work out the best way to inflict damage on a living creature. When wielding a weapon that is able to have the keen quality then it is regarded as having it when they wield it. The Healer also has a +4 bonus to confirm critical hits with this weapon. This ability does not function for creatures who are immune to critical hits or have no discernible anatomy. This does not stack with an already keen weapon.

At first a Healer can only use this on humans, elves, half-elves, dwarves and half-dwarves. To learn how to use it on other creatures(such as demons, for example) they must perform an autopsy on a dead body of one of the creatures they wish to learn about. The process takes 24 hours, and the corpse must be fresh. The Healer can only perform one autopsy at a time.

At level 14 they gain Improved Anatomical Knowledge. The crit range of their weapon is increased by 1, their critical hits are automatically confirmed and they deal an additional 1d10 damage on a critical hit.

Bind Wounds
A Healer is able to stabilize an adjacent dying character as a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Body as a Temple
A Healer knows that in order to treat the sick and wounded they must be of good health. A Healer adds their WIS modifier to all Fortitude saves.

Healing Draught
If the healer has access to the right herbs equaling 50g(or gathered with a DC 20 Knowledge(herbs) skill check) and two flasks, or three supplies, they can mix a healing draught. The process takes 1 hour. It heals for the specified amount plus the Healer’s WIS modifier.

Treat Infection
If a character has failed a saving throw against a disease, a Healer has a chance to negate the effects. They must get to the target within five minutes of initial infection. It takes 1 minute to perform the treatment and the Healer must make a heal check equal to the disease’s save DC. If successful, the infected character may make another saving throw vs the disease with a bonus equal to the Healer’s class level + WIS modifier. If they fail this throw then they contract the disease as normal, but the effects and duration are halved. This only works on non-magical diseases. Treating an infection uses 3 supplies.

A savvy Healer can make a Heal check equal to the DC of a given poison and whip up a quick treatment. The process takes 5 rounds and provokes an attack of opportunity. The anti-poison must be consumed by the poisoned character. The character then may make another saving throw vs the poison DC equal to the Healer’s classl evel + WIS modifier, on success being healed of the poison. Using this ability costs 3 supplies.

Shield of Wisdom
A Healer becomes more adept at avoiding personal harm. When using a shield, they add their Wisdom bonus to the shield’s AC bonus.

When stabilizing a downed character, a Healer also heals the target for their WIS modifier.

Not Dead Yet
If a Healer is able to see to someone that has died in the last five minutes, they have a chance to save them. They must make a Heal check, DC 20 + level of the dead character. If successful the character is alive, stablized at -9 hit points. The character that is saved in this manner loses 1 point of CON. This procedure takes five minutes and costs 8 supplies.

You have learned how to do more with less and be much more efficient. All abilities that cost 3 or more supplies are reduced in cost by 1. Anti-poison takes only 3 rounds to mix. Your healing kit now contains 12 supplies when full.

Love of Life
A healer knows that if they die, then their friends will be without aid. If a healer goes down in combat they automatically stabilize, and if the blow would have killed them they stabilize at -9. After three rounds they may make a Fortitude save with a penalty equal to their negative hit points, DC 20. On success they gain 1d6 hit points. This happens every three rounds until they reach 0 or more hit points. Any additional damage after that will kill them, however. During this time any additional damage that takes them below -9 hit points will kill them.

The amount of time you have to Treat Infection is increased by another five minutes. You now have ten minutes to get to the infected before it is out of your hands. People can be dead for another 2 additional minutes before you have to see to them in order to save them.

Touch of Corea
Corea smiles upon the Healer. Whenever they heal any damage, they heal an additonal amount equal to their Healer class level.


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