Imperial Army
Based in South Watch. It is not unknown for them to come ashore at times. They do tend to be harassed if alone, but generally they are accepted by the populace. The years stuck in the Savage Isles have turned them into even more brutal bullies. They are slowly expiring, if not from dying soldiers then defecting soldiers. Their current leader is General Rakesh.

Nara’Tel Guard
The Guard rarely bat an eyelid at most criminal activity. They will step in to stop violence from spreading too far. That they tolerate much lawlessness means that many of the criminal elements are quite happy to keep their grievances off the street for them. Their policing(what there is of it) is restricted to the city only. What happens out of sea is of no concern to them. They are currently led by Master Guard Artyom.

Trade Guild
The Trade Guild consists of “legitimate” traders. They are always hiring muscle and could rival the Nara’Tel Guard if the Trade Committee were foolish enough to try and cause problems. They fight a nearly constant silent war with the Syndicate, not being fools enough to expect the Nara’Tel Guard to go out of their way. The driving force in the Trade Guild is current Ewen Tyst.

The Syndicate
Syndicate is the largest gang of pirates and ne’er do wells. Their actual stronghold is on another island but they have plenty of ties to Nara’Tel. They do a good job of keeping many other criminal elements under their thumb, but by no means all. The current leader of the Syndicate is unknown.

Church of Corea
Corea has few worshipers in Nara’Tel. The deity of justice is not exactly admired in such a place. However no one can deny that the paladins at the Chapterhouse are good to have around. They take no sides in any dispute and do not allow any combat to take place in their Chapterhouse or church.

They are wise enough to keep a low profile – there for those who need them, but not attempting to right all of the wrongs. Some paladins are frustrated, but the elders remind them that the fact they are able to exist here at all is good fortune enough. At times the Nara’Tel Guard will ask for their assistance. Knight Marshal Garrend is the current leader of the Chapterhouse.

Cult of the Depths
There are many dark cults in the Savage Isle, the Cult of the Depths being most prolific. Little is known about them, and they are just as elusive, if not more so, than the criminal elements of the city. The cultists are perceived as so much of a threat that any factions are happy to set aside their differences to fight against them.


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