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The World of Lyden

Lyden is a vast world packed with fearful, ignorant people. Magic is one of the greatest powers feared, being that most practitioners get it from terrible pacts with demons. Anyone interested in surviving for long has no trust for it. Magic, it is reckoned, is a corrupting influence that will consume one’s soul.

There are tales of demons that stalk remote areas and deep caverns, the orcish hordes that go on yearly rampages often being led by shadowy, terrible figures. The Imperial Army was a force that stood against these hordes, but as generations passed the army became less interested in protecting people and the focus shifted onto conquering more and more land for the Imperial Empire.

The grand Empire sends out its people to conquer for their tyrannical kings, the brutal armies crushing many lands under their boots and putting their own tyrannical leaders in place. In the heart of the great country of Telron their capitol resides, an impregnable fortress city.

While life can be bleak for those living under the thumb of the Imperial Army and King Kormak, those who live on the edges of civilization are safer. It is difficult for Kormak to send his armies out to such places – especially the Savage Isles in the southern Black Ocean(so named as the waters are such a dark blue they are nearly black).

It is here that the story begins, on the largest of the Isles. Nara’Tel.



The Imperial Empire


Nara’Tel: The Island and the City

Nara’Tel: Factions

Nara’Tel: The Depths

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