The City

The lawless city of Nara’Tel, on the island of the same name, rivals even the Imperial Capitol in size. Half of it has been built over the reef that for a long time caused endless problems for captains trying to make port. Now the port city is one of the most bustling and wealthy, having been operating now for more than 1000 years.

Fine Quarter
Fine Quarter is located in the center of the city. It is where the Lord Mayor(a title that holds less authority than it implies) resides and is also the location of the Corea Chapterhouse. As the name implies, the quarter is quite fine compared to the rest of Nara’Tel. The people that live there, often ruthless businessmen, are less than fine.

Sunken Quarter
The easternmost quarter of the city, so named for the huge ocean sinkhole in the middle of it. It is a prime fishing spot, with many exotic things being fished up out of the hole. From time to time there is a strong undercurrent, dragging down anything on the surface of the sinkhole. All that will come up from it are the remains of the fishing boats, for the most part. The undercurrents are loosely tied to the weather, on cloudy, rainy days they are far more likely to happen.

Built over the sinkhole is a massive stone bridge, part of Nara’Tel original construction. Atop this are many drinking and gambling establishments.

The Bazaar
The Bazaar is near the south docks and is a sprawling area where one can find anything they wish. Whether or not it is genuine is another matter. All manner of trinkets and curiosities can be found at the Bazaar, most of them completely worthless.

The Alleys and Streets
The streets of Nara’Tel are either cobblestones or mud on the part upon land, and stone or boards on the part suspended over the reef. One must be careful on these, as some places have quite rotton boards and it is not unknown for people to fall through at times, if they are lucky missing the sharp rocks below. If they are even luckier, they will escape the clutches of the octopi that lurk below living off scraps and poor fools that fall in the water.

The Understreets
Below the boardwalks of Nara’Tel is a deadly region. One must beware slipping into the water or coming across some of the bolder octopi. This is where much of the gang activity is conducted.

The Lost Docks
All around the outskirts of Nara’Tel are vast systems of docks and piers. The western docks were more isolated from the others – and this is probably what led to its downfall. After a nightly raid by a pack of pirates, the area was enshrouded in mists and have been since. Few people who enter the mists return, and those that do can barely speak of what they have encountered.

It is said that a mysterious artifact was somehow involved, which is good enough reason to stay away.

The Island

South Watch
To the south of the city a small island sticks up from the ocean, topped with an ancient fortress known as South Watch. Five years ago this was attacked by one of Kormak’s armies. Due to the fact they were already depleted and battered from the long journy across the ocean, they have been unable to do much more than be a mild nuisance to Nara’Tel. The soldiers resort to even piracy now, and with them having bolstered the defenses of the place it looks like they will be there for some time.

Fireplume Volcano
The eastern side of the island is composed of a mass of mountains, the middle one rising high above the others. This one is actually a volcano that every decade or so will dump ash upon the city, but the rest of the island is protected from the lava by the formation of the mountains surrounding the volcano. The lava drains out onto the sea to the east, creating a dangerous reef of volcanic rock that gets larger and larger.

Shimmering Jungle
So called due to the way it looks when one observes it from a high vantage point – the heavy foliage seems to shimmer in the light. A dangerous jungle with several ancient ruins, it is inhabited by elves in the north. Elfhome, their town, is said to consist of homes built around trees within the canopy, but few non-elves have seen it, let alone know where it is exactly.

The Quarries
The western side of Nara’Tel is a long extinct volcano that has collapsed in on itself. It is rugged land, but it is home to many quarries and mines. Miners are extremely cautious since two mines dug out in the wrong direction and are now vast underwater cave complexes. On the outskirts of the quarries is a mining town of Far Hill.

Far Hill
A fairly sizable town, Far Hill tops a massive hill that offers an excellent view of the quarries and mines. The long term population is mostly dwarven.


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