Rise to Power

The South Reaches

On the great continent of Lyden there are many lands, most of them conquered by the Imperial Empire. The South Reaches is one of those. It contains the coastal city of Stoneport which currently serves as the base of operations for the 175th Royal Legions of the Imperial Army. It is Stoneport and its surrounds that this story begins in.


The Southern Coastlands is a hilly, heavily forested region. Twenty years ago, most of the South Reaches was taken by the Imperial Army in one of the most costly battles it has ever fought in its bloody history. The Southern Coastlands was the focal point for many of these battles. It is not unusual to find the remains of units that fought and died in the trackless forests, their bones entangled in roots and bushes. There are also several battlefields where the local forces had terrible clashes with the Imperial Army.

Stoneport is built into the vast cliffs that rise above the surprisingly deep waters. The upper, well to do areas are along the cliff tops while the center for military power is below, near the awesome stone docks. These massive caves were carved out thousands of years ago and the greatest of ships is able to sail right inside to the docks.

The outlying lands around Stoneport are dotted with Imperial outposts and small villages. The farmlands are in the numerous valleys, all of them back to work under Imperial rule. To the west of the city mountains rise, and several mines supply Stoneport with a rich bounty of metals.

Since its occupation by Imperial forces, Stoneport has become more successful. The appointed Viscount Arkhen Ridgewell rules with an unforgiving but fair hand. He is backed up by Grand Marshal Ordel.

Ordel has recently destroyed a small army of freedom fighters that was attempting to rise to power and pose a threat. They did not realize the scope of what they were doing, however, and were easily crushed.


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Part One: Stirrings of Evil

The inhabitants of the small village of Hill Top had their quiet lives again shattered by conflict, but a conflict that came not from clashing between Imperials and freedom fighters. Instead, the town was cruelly assaulted by orcs and several other horrible beings none could identify.

The people talk of demons and other terrors. The Imperial response was, as always, rapid. However their forces were stretched and the people cried out for protection. The Imperial Captain of the area could not afford to send any of his men to check on their northern fortress – the people came first. However, a very capable group of civilians came to the army’s aid.

They would travel to the outpost and find out why it had gone silent.

Rise to Power

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