The Imperial Empire

During the Dark Ages, when demons and foul gods ravaged the lands of Lyden, hope was in short supply. Only humanity refused to give up. It was that spark of defiance that gave the long lived races the impetus they needed to go to war against the dark hordes.

It is said that in this time of great peril, the Prime Deities gave Lyden a champion – the kind of champion that was needed. They did not openly defy the Dark Axis but instead fought them from the shadows they thought they commanded. The champion rallied the peoples and in time a mighty army soon rose up. No longer needing to fight in the shadows, the people of Lyden took back their lands.

The champion disappeared after victory was won.

The mighty army was the First Legion of the Imperial Empire. For many years they were a force of justice. Yet as time went on and the Dark Axis and their cults disappeared, the Imperial Army seemed to grow tired of waiting. One thousand years after the Dark Ages, they went on the march to conquer Lyden. The Empire had many legions and only grew. The rule of the Empire was fair but harsh – and woe betide any that would question that rule.

Today, the Empire has conquered most of Lyden. Some believe it has reached its peak, that it can simply not afford to expand. The Savage Isles are all but out of its reach, and the mighty barbarian clans of the Eastern Steppes chew up any Legion that would challenge them with sheer savagery and the advantage of knowing the land. The South Reaches have also proven difficult, especially since much of the forces that conquered it initially were then sent southwards to the Savage Isles.

The Imperial Empire

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